Tandådalen December 2021

In mid-December, we finally had the opportunity to go up to the camper again. The move of Einar´’s mother to another home had taken significantly more time and above all more energy than we could have imagined. There had been an innumerable number of car journeys, some with trailers. In addition, lots of phone calls and emails that had to do with the move, but now we finally saw the end of that activity. Unfortunately, our old Saab had decided to slowly but surely collapse, and we had to get a replacement a little earlier than planned. The trip up with the new car went well, but it took a lot of washer fluid because at times it was really sticky on the road.

Cleared away some of the snow around the camper and took the opportunity to take a picture against the moon, which shone really bright.

Noticed that temperature around zero for a few days has left a fairly thin and icy snow cover. The picture above was taken the day after we got up, when we had removed more snow around and on the camper. Not visible in the picture but it was extremely windy and it was really slippery where it was not sand on the road.

Since the new car was a charging hybrid, we looked for charging stations nearby, to be able to test how it worked.

The slopes were open but the cross-country trails were not passable (not even the ones that Skistar started to take charge for). The strong wind and the fact that the temperature was really going down made us decide that it was better to go home for Christmas a little earlier than we had planned.

The morning before we left for home, we took a picture from above.

Stopped in Borlänge for a fast food lunch and took the opportunity to charge the car. As you can see in the picture, the car had become quite dirty on the way up. Although we left in good time, it was dark when we got home. Stayed 3 nights in the motorhome during the month of December.