Tandådalen April 2022

Did not get so many trips to Tandådalen in April. The month started with a funeral and then we had started the renovation of our shower room. However, we decided to go up over Easter. Went up on Maundy Thursday. Got away quite late, but it turned out to be a good idea because there was unexpectedly little traffic.

On Good Friday, Einar did som crosscountry skiing and went around Kalven. Lots of eager downhill skiers made real lift queues already early in the morning.

Then we went and watched when the ski school ended, with a tug of war between teachers and students. Of course, the students won.

We were offered waffles at Anette and Hasse. Was really nice to just sit and take it easy out in the spring sun. Sandra, Stefan and Wilma had been out on the children’s slope in the morning, after Wilma had finished ski school.

On Easter evening, Einar was first in the lift queue and had some really lovely rides before there were queues in the lifts and rides on the slopes. Sandra and Wilma stayed in Familjebacken and he had a few rides with them before it was time for Easter lunch.

We had a Easter lunch outside Sandra and Stefan’s motorhome, and there was food so that it was enough and left over. Since it was basically windless and the sun was warm, we sat for quite a few hours before it was time to set the table.

The weather was just as nice on Easter day, so Einar went around Kalven again. Sandra, Stefan and Wilma had some skiing on the slopes.

We had considered leaving the motorhome and going up later to pick it up, but even though our car was a plug-in hybrid, the high fuel prices were still noticeable. So we decided that it was time to end the winter season in Tandådalen. After lunch we started by tearing down the tent and putting all the carpets to dry in the sun. (We had taken down the winter blanket in front of the front the day before.) The floor was also dismantled and moved to the side. Then we hoisted up the camper and removed all the pallets.

The next day we took down all the pallet and put it inside the floor. Then we went to Cirkle K in Lindvallen and rented a snowmobile trailer. Thought the snowmobile trails were so muddy that there was no point in trying to drive the snowmobile down to the summer storage. Also took the opportunity to have lunch at Max hamburger restaurant in Lindvallen.

The motorhome started nicely and we left the campsite for this season. Stayed only 4 nights in the motorhome during the month of April.

Stopped and had coffee at Fänforsen. Got away quite late even when it was time to go home, but just like when we went up it made us let go of the queues.

The winter season 2021-2022 did not turn out at all as we had imagined for various reasons. Despite that, there were still 48 nights in the motorhome. We had many really wonderful winter days up in Tandådalen, so we were still pleased with the season.